• Hi all,

    It is implemented withholding in Compiere?



    • Central Data
      Central Data

      Set up a Tax category and a Tax rate, and call it withholding.  Them choose you tax type when doing transactions???  This advice comes from Australia though different rules may apply.

    • Central Data
      Central Data

      It is merely a tax and rate that you setup.  Withholding is usually used with regard to payroll, which is not in Compiere

    • Hi CentralData,

      Thanks for you reply.
      The case is in example:

      Total Vendor Invoice  100
      When you pay:
      Withholding (20%):  -20 (Tax rate is fixed)
      Pay to Vendor: 80

      This amount of withholding you should credit it al government.  It functions like a payment anticipated of tax to the profits.

      I see that I can't associate the withholding to a specific Business Partner, since the tab pertaining to Withholding in the window Business Partner does not permit me to do it.  I suppose that not yet is implemented this functionality in Compiere.

    • Central Data
      Central Data

      I should imagine in that case you set up a withholding amount of -20.  Under accounting tab of the tax setup, point whichever gl account you wish it to effect.  Include BP as a field in your Accont Schema Element.  When you raise your Vendor invoice and get to the line amount, choose Withholding tax.

      That should be it.  It should credit your selected account with $20 and decrease your invoice by $20.  Good luck

    • I will try with the way that you say.