Document controlled Ledger Accounts

  • ismet sener
    ismet sener

    Some General Ledger Accounts are Document controlled, on this ledger you cannot book manual, because this ledger account is connected to a document (or a process) and booked automatically.

    Where can I see which " document controlled ledger account" is connected to which document?

    For example the document controlled ledger account TAX DUE 21610 will be created automatically when posting  a SALES INVOICE with a certain TAX CODE

    But the document controlled ledger account TAX LIABILITY 21620, when will this account be created/booked?

    And the document controlled ledger account Retained Earnings 32900, when will this be created/booked? There is no automatically year-end process, so year-end process to close the year is manual process.

    So to summarize who can help me to explain, HOW and WHEN are the document controlled ledger accounts are created?


  • Bob Simoni
    Bob Simoni

    Just because an account is marked as "Document Controlled" in Compiere, does not mean that there are document transactions that will be posting to this account.  Checking the "Document Controlled" checkbox on the Account Element window will prevent manual GL Journals from being posted to that account.  To see the accounting consequences of all the standard Compiere document transactions, review the online Wiki.