Version Conflict Error while Running Compiere

  • nparmar

    I download source code of Compiere from
    & import it in eclips but when i run the source code i get the Error
    Version Conflict
    Server <> Client
    2008-10-20 <> 2008-10-07
    please download  new version from server

    • Go to, open file and change

      /** Detail Version as date      Used for Client/Server        */
          static public final String    DATE_VERSION    = "2008-10-20";
      /** Database Version as date    Compared with AD_System        */
          static public final String    DB_VERSION        = "2008-10-20";

      It should be ok.

    • nparmar

      Thanks Asif Iqbal Syed  for the reply...

      but i m still getting error... Error is

      -----------> SysEnv.saveError: Error - Compiere requires a license from Compiere, Inc. Please contact Compiere, Inc. or a Compiere Authorized Partner about acquiring a license.
      Exception in thread "main" java.lang.Error: Unresolved compilation problem:

          at org.compiere.util.CCachedRowSet.getRowSet(
          at org.compiere.util.CPreparedStatement.local_getRowSet(
          at org.compiere.util.DB.getRowSet(
          at org.compiere.model.MTree.getNodeDetails(
          at org.compiere.model.MTree.loadNodes(
          at org.compiere.model.MTree.<init>(
          at org.compiere.model.MTree.<init>(
          at org.compiere.grid.tree.VTreePanel.initTree(
          at org.compiere.apps.AMenu.<init>(
          at org.compiere.apps.AMenu.main(

      • This is because of your java version in eclipse.

        In eclipse go to Window->Preference->java->compiler and make sure compliance level is 6 and also check Installed JRE must be version 6.
        After you choose this , refresh compiere project and then build again.

        Good luck:-)

      • Parag Patil
        Parag Patil

        This is either because you are running higher version of application using lower version database or vice versa. Most of the time former case causes such errors.

        Parag Patil

    • nparmar

      Thanks all for replying....
      yes, i install version 3.3 in my PC... but using Source Code of  Version 3.2....
      i dont knw where is Dump file of DB in Version 3.2....

    • Felipe Reyes
      Felipe Reyes

      You shouldn't different versions of code and database.
      Compiere doesn't use dump files to create the database objects. Please see the installation guide for details.