oracle database problem

  • Hi,
    We are experiencing database coonection error in testing compiere in a LAN enviroment. Our database is oracle and OS is fedora. LAN very often shows timeout to the server. Each machine creates around 5 sessions in oracle. When LAN is getting timeout sessions become INACTIVE and connection comes back compiere creates 5 more active connecitons. Eventually they become inactive. At some point , application cannot connect with oracle and compiere hangs.

    We already set process to 250 and session to 250 in oracle. Is therey any way to remove those INACTIVE oracle session or Can we set timeout for INACTIVE SESSION so that they will be killed automatically.

    We have around 5000 business partner list. Is it possible that server gets timeout when open Business Partner Info window and display all partners because of too many queries.

    In the tns log file It shows error 12535 and 12560

    Thanking you. Your advise will be apreceiable and helpful.

    • stingreye

      I ran into similar errors when i migrated from version 2.5 to 3.1.  I upped the sessions and processes dramatically but I still the error every once in a while when certain processes are run that make multiple connections to the database.

      Did you find any solutions?