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Compiere System Requirements

  • Hello,

    We are going to submit a estimate costing to the client about Compiere system requirements. I need to know about some information about Compiere System about 200 users. Approximately 20 users will be responsible for posting.

    I would be grateful If somebody reply asap.

    All the requirements are based on 200 users.  

    1. How many application server we may need. If everyone uses (concurrent) Webstart and connect to one single Oracle database Can Compiere handle this? How about the Oracle performance? Obviously Oracle will be in a separate machine.

    2.  We would like to use Linux. Which Linux should we use.

    3. We will use Jasper Report. What should we choose? Integrate Jasper within Compiere or Separate jasper Server?
           a. If integrate Jasper with Compiere are we be able to schedule report from Compiere?
           b. If we install Jasper server separately, should we need another machine for Jasper server?
           c. Also I hard that Jasper server does not run on several Linux.

    4. I think we need a replication database so that If one crashes, other one will be active. Can we configure Compiere in this way?

    Thanks in advance. Look forward to hearing soon from someone and will really be grateful.

    • Adhitya

      Hi Asif,

      Let me help you with these answers:
      1. For application servers (based on 200 users) I suggest you start with 2 machine which you clustered them. And if you check the server performance reach 90% at peak level, add another machine to your cluster. For Oracle I would suggest the same. Or one really powerful server to handle this. For additional info, get as many RAM possible for both server.

      2. I used RHEL or Fedora. It work well with Compiere

      3. Actually it depends on your requirement. If you want to just create a custom and fashionable report, integrate jasper will fit. But if you plan to do some business intelligence capabilities (such as forecasting, etc.) I think Separate Jasper Server will do.
      a. Yes you will be able to schedule report from Compiere
      b. You can use same machine but for your case I think separate machine is a good advice
      c. Try RHEL or Fedora

      4. If you think about database, the one thing you should modify it's not in Compiere but rather at database side. Prepare RAID system to handle this thing.

      Hope these answers help you well

      • Thanks a lot. I really appreciate your support. It was really helpful and thanks again. I may come again for further query:-)