GL Journal

  • Hi,

    When I create GL Journal and click on the complete button I get the following message.

    "Account used is Document Controlled - Do not use for manual Journals"

    How do I fix this issue. I aslo navigated to the Account element and unchecked the check box related to document controlled but still I am getting the same error.


    • Also I have one more query related to this. When I open the GL journal page I am able to see a account combination where in I can enter an from account but there is provision to enter the to account.

      I have been working with other ERP system like PeopleSoft and SAP where in I can enter a debit from account and credit to account. But here I am not able to find the same. Is there any other way of entering.

      Let me quote my example:

      I have two accounts created

      X and Y

      I wanted to debit 100 $ from account X and credit it to account Y. How can I do this using a GL journal page in Compiere.


    • Kathy Pink
      Kathy Pink

      if you want to post manually to an account that is marked as document controlled then deselect that flag in account element

      you have two lines one a debit and one a credit

      I suggest you have alook at the user doc section on journals and accounting as it may help

      Accorto, Inc.

    • albert

      since ERP is prevent people make different account consequence,,,,,,,

      manual entry AccountingItem is not good for ERP....

      Up today un-customization Compiere is can't fully support the DocType mappping....