Set IsSOTrx when a Process ( or Report ) is openned

  • Osval Reyes
    Osval Reyes

    I have made a Process and created a menu for that, the process asks for a BPartner and Two Dates, the BPartner field is Search type , so when i open it i always get the IsSOTrx='Y' so the Search window that opened is for search Customers instead of Vendors ( that I am trying to do ), there is any place where I can set the context variable IsSOTrx? is there any way to change IsSOTrx when the Process ( or a Report ) is launching?

    Last edit: Osval Reyes 2013-05-29
  • RAM

    Yes you can put your IsSOTrx as a parameter Y/N and in your setting window dialog as a checkbox


  • Another way to specify that this is Sales Type of transaction(IsSOTrx) is by enabling check box "SO Trx" in the menu definition of your process.

    Login as system Administrator, open window "Menu", find your process menu definition and enable "SO Trx" checkbox.