Compiere Development In China


        Zoap Consulting Ltd. has been researching and developing Compiere for 5 years since its founding in 2002. As the only accredited Compiere partner in great China region, we have an opportunity to take part in a regular compiere implementation and developing trainings held by Compiere USA. Now we have developed a team with profesional Compiere implementation & developing technology. During the last few years, we developed 50+ projects, covering mutiple industries with many successful cases.

        If you have experienced Compiere ERP system, you may  find it is  not an  ideal ERP system. Because the accounting scheme Compiere using is American, which cann’tproperly use in China. The business flows are also differed with domestic ones. Compiere reporting function is fairly simple.If you choose a   common ERP system  , you may find lots of its functions are not accord with even some common application requirements. We have many customers,  who experience a conflicted thinking to deploy ERP system. On the one side ,  ERP system can help company to perfect its business flow,enhance enterprise operation effect; On the other side, greate changes would take place inside the company after using ERP system,no matter in terms of managerment or transaction.

        It takes a lot time before an ERP system putting into use ,even the project turn out to be a fail.

        In the early  period  ,  many software companies  have their own developing team. A developing team is usually formed with 5-40 members to complete an ERP project. Therefore,it needs many material and human resources during the implementation.Before a project is finised ,  it takes much of time.   During this period, maybe there are some developers quit . The  sofeware company  has to recruit developers  or staffs  of other positions. These newly-recruited    staffs need to have a training. Thus the company’s operating projects cann’t get supports timely,which effects the success of a project.

        You  may hear  that even  some large  ERP system  suppliers  also have unsuccessful projects closed. Sometimes even the system has been put to use, however , the effect is not so satisfied.   Seeking the cause,  it is the system supplier doesn’t  modify  and develop their system according customer’s business flows.Even can modify the system,it also confronts a developing restrictment.Most software companies will not provide their customers the system source codes. When a software company closes down,if customer would like to make changes to system but has not source code.This may leads to an ERP project unsuccessful.

         Some customers spend millions of dollars to develop an ERP project,but finally the project doesn’t complete or they have to form a developing team to develop the system theyself. One   of the    reason is when  a customer choosing an   ERP system, they pay attention  mostly on the successful cases in the   same industry, but ignore the system flows itself, or just have  an exterior knowledge on the  system. Wether the system  is totally fit for their requirements, they have no idea. Maybe they only make use of  30-40% functions the  system provides.  System  licence charge takes up most part of money customers pay for the ERP system they use,  but the system is not so satisfied with the company’s operation flows.

        Recently,  Germany ERP  system company S** was accused by American Waste Management company  (  the largest waste transportation company in America ) . It  is  because S** company’s salesman promised all  requirements by Waste Management  Company , thinking that their system can be developed without any problem. However, it turns out that the system  cann’t  satisfy  Waste  Management  Company’s funciton  requirements  and its business  flows. From this we can see, when a company spend tons of dollars to purchase a software licence, it is not only expensive, but also risky. What’s more, the company also  need  to pay  for  consulting  expenses, even need to spend a lot to hire foreign experters  solving  their  technical puzzles . This undoubtedly adds up the company ERP system expenses.

        From examples above, we can see that even a large management software company also has its shortage. The company inside also has to have an IT suport team. When comes to large project,it worry about not only the cost,but aslo  the   customer’s requirements can be  totally  satisfied or not . Therefore,  small and middle software companies can find their places in ERP field.

        Zoap Consulting Ltd. has  5+ years  of  experience  in  developing  Compiere. We understand in depth Compiere’s system architecture  and features.Compiere is a great developing and  open  source  tool. It has it’s advantage  which other  system cann’t provide  with.  For example, field  security. Compiere support  self-define  developing tools. Every  field in compiere can be audited. Most importantly,there are millions  of programers are studying and  development  based on Compiere. These people are active in all kinds of Compiere developing forums.They devote to their interests,and help to make Compiere perfect. That is why Compiere ERP & CRM becomes the premier global open source ERP&CRM system and the hotest project in  If  you  choose Compiere,it means you own the source codes of this system;  it also  means that you can get supports from the globe.You  can  never  worry  if your Compiere solution provider is gone , where to get supports when your company’s Compiere system encounter problems ; who can you refer to if your company want to change the system making it fit better with your businessflows.

        It is because Compiere is a global open source ERP & CRM system,customers deployed Compiere system can get supports not only locally,   but also globally.This in terms of customers is an guarantee.    With 50+ projects experience accumulated,our company have customized & developed ERP systems for 10+ different industries based on Compiere.These systems(Named Zoapiere ERP & CRM) are mainly serverd for Chinese SME .

        Now,we will gradually open some industries’s system source codes.Zoapiere system supports Simplified    Chinese & Traditional Chinese,and have many functions which can satisfy most customers business processing requirements.If you have developers,you can also modify the system to make it better.

        For customers,we can do the following things important. First,customers donn’t have to pay for expensive software license expenses to use our system; Second,customers can confirm whether our system is accord with their business flows and function requirements before making up decision; Third,customers can know what need to develop by functions our system provides; Fourth,all expenses customers pay for are used to develop their business flow supporting functions.

        (You can download and use the following systems for free: Zoapiere Garment ERP, Zoapiere Stock ERP, Zoapiere POS ERP, Zoapiere ERP Business & Trading Edition, Zoapiere ERP Distributin Edition)



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