humm big problem in accounting schema...

  • lavino

    We were setting up and running compiere and all that stuff and suddenly our accountant said that we need to change our accounting schema because the default is for USA not Canada.. ok she kinda did one and we thought we imported it right.  And then we are stuck that we found that we cannot change it even if we login as System.   The primary  accounting schema under the tenant is grey out and there is no option to change it as it seems.    Can we still by pass it by loading new CoA into the system and choose them over the default ones in the Account tabs (eg BP, Vendor, Employee;s account tabs).  Is there any way to change that primary account schema at all?  If not then are we screwed and have to restart all over again?

    • Kathy Pink
      Kathy Pink

      THe field is read only as it is not something you want updated without acknowledging the consequences
      I would suggest the following in a test system
      Create the new Schema
      create a test transaction and confirm the posting is done for both schemas
      Create all of your financial reports for the current primary schema
      Log in as system admin and change the Primary Accounting Schema to read/write
      Log in as tenant admin and change the primary accounting schema to the new one
      Repost all transactions.
      Run your financials and verify the accuracy
      When you have confirmed the results, change the Primary accounting schema back to read only
      Deactive the former primary accounting schema (if desired)
      Create new documents and confirm postings

      Repeat in your production system

    • albert

      Dear all:

      You need deleted all Accounting's Fact Related Table

      and Update Transaction Table's field "Posted" set to 'N'


      Otherwise , can not balancce