How to Create an Alert for Sales Orders

  • avdalen

    I struggled with creating an Alert but now that I have it working, I would like to give a couple of pointers for anyone else who is trying it.

    Example below;
    Emailing must be working. Navigate to General Rules>>Client Rules>>Client to review, setup and test.

    1. Log in as an admin (or role with appropriate access)
    2. Navigate to Performance Analysis >> Performance Measurement >> Alert
    3. Create a new record, name it Orders (or anything you prefer)
    4. Select an existing alert processor or create a new one. This alert processor is the component that will send emails the actual emails.
    5. Enter subject and alert message
    6. Mark as Valid
    Save record
    ==Alert Rule Tab
    1. Create a new record, name it Orders Alert (or anything you prefer)
    2. In the sqlSelect field enter
    3. In the sqlFrom field enter
    4. In the sqlWhere field enter
    5. Mark as Valid
    Save record
    ==Alert Recipient Tab
    1. New record
    2. Select a User/Contact
    Save record

    Start the Application Server if not yet started.

    Open compiereMonitor in a browser http://<your server>/compiereMonitor
    Navigate to the Alert processor that you assigned to your Alert.
    Click on run now

    Navigate back to the Alert processor in the monitor and check the log.

    If the alert failed, you would have to navigate back to the Alert window in compiere. Once the necessary corrections have been made, you have to mark the alert and alert rule as Valid again.

    Remember to restart the Application Server before you attempt to rerun the processor.

    Another example for alert rule;

    Send alert listing completed order that are due for delivery within the next 7 days;

    sqlWhere clause;
    ISACTIVE='Y' and ISSOTRX='Y' and DOCSTATUS='CO' and ISDELIVERED='N' and DATEPROMISED between sysdate and (sysdate +7)

  • Sapna Parwani
    Sapna Parwani


    Can u explain that how alert will be invoke i have followed the steps u showed but not able to know whether i got alert or not

    I have done the email setup
    I do get adempiere mail configuration setup message but nothing like alert!!

    I have confusion of alert and notice

    what value will come for  datenextrun  ??  currently I set 2010-12-13 3:19

    please reply