Posting charge in an sales invoice

  • Zak

    Hi everybody,

    I setup a charge and i want to use it in an sales invoice. when i post my invoice the account used for posting the charge is the "charge revenue" and it's used in the credit side. actually i want to use the account "charge exepnse" and post it in the debit side.

    is there any speciale setup to do that ?

    thanks for your help.

    • Kathy Pink
      Kathy Pink

      Charges on Sales invoices will use the Charge Revenue acount defined for the charge (at this is money you are receiving).  Charges on Vendor Invoices will use the Charge Expensee account defined for the charge (as this is money you are paying). 

    • albert

      "charge revenue" or "charge exepnse" for charge field is a stupid idea that decide from window belong to IsSOTrx or Not in menu setup.......

      the ERP world not only two thing to do "Sales & Purchas"...

      and theSaes Invoice field not only revenue....

      We add the field's attribute , let  some field can define IsSOTrx (Name TrxType will be correct)

      Wish Compiere is really ERP not a little crazy man without SAP/Oracle ERP Experiense only ablility to drive the Compiere to ERP framework only.