How to get correct Balance Sheet?

  • I installed Compiere 3.5 for evaluating. I set up a new tenant, setup accounting, created balance sheet and profit and loss reports following Garden World example. Then I made some transactions. Now I can see the Profit and Loss account report as well as Balance Sheet. But, in Balance sheet net income is not transfered and hence the the asset and liabilities are different.

    Does anybody konw what to do for getting correct balance sheet?
    Thanks in advance.

  • Bob Simoni
    Bob Simoni

    In the Professional Edition, there is a version of the Balance Sheet report that uses Jasper Reports  (and not the standard Compiere Financial Reports) and it will actually adjust for net income so that the Assets = Liabilities & Owner's Equity.

  • Hi bsimoni,

    Thanks for your response.

    My one is a Professional Edition too. But, I didn't find the Balance Sheet as you are talking about in this edition, any where. The Garden World has Balance Sheet under Financial Reports. I have created a balance sheet in my Tenant following Garden World. Both the Balance Sheets are incorrect and Assets are not equal to Liabilities & Owner's Equity. The cause is the earnings are not transfered to the Balance Sheet automatically. So, I need to know how to do that. Can you please provide further information in this connection?



  • Bob Simoni
    Bob Simoni

    You need to be using the WebUI with Professional Edition.  From the main menu, just type "Balance Sheet".  This report is in the Financial Management/Financial Reporting folder.  The Trial Balance report in this folder is also a Jasper Report you can run.