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Compiere for small businesses

  • Tom

    I am evaluating Compiere Community Edition as software for small distribution company (medical testing equipment – London UK based).

    Compiere looks quite powerful and I was wondering if  there are UK based small companies  using Compiere Community Edition ( and possible could share their experience)

    I am particularly interested if I can use it with  6-8 concurrent users (with free Oracle XE database) and if there are some migration tools for data migration (from Sage Line 50)

    I am also looking for company/consultants offering installation and training for small businesses (although not very keen to spend London market rate for IT consultants – my budget is very tight)

  • Marek Zada
    Marek Zada

    I am in the process of an implementation for a small company, 7 users, so yes, it is also for small business. Purchasing licenses - just send an email when you register that you need less licenses, Compiere staff is very helpful.

    Oracle XE - ok for that amount of users. During my implementation I had to fine-tune two things - processes and sessions parameters. You can google it easily.

    Not from UK - but I think you can find Compiere partners that can help you with implemention on Compiere's webiste.

  • ShadowFiend


    I've already lead a team implementing several Compiere systems, each of which has like more than 10 uses.
    Feel free to contact me if you have any problems.