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Connecting Server and Database

  • Redhuan D. Oon
    Redhuan D. Oon

    Hi Island,
    Nope, different drives are never the problem. Try this:

    You have to ignore the lower error when you got the upper green pass mark. But remember to check the overwrite box besides it before testing the application server.

    Just click on the OK button. It goes back to the login screen, you view the DBTarget string at the top, it should indicate what u set in oracle. i.e. myhost-{myhost-myhost-compiere}.

    Error occurs when that string is not pointing correctly. That string is set in some under the Compiere2 folder. its like this: "Connection=xyzCConnection[name\=REDHUAN{REDHUAN-compiere-compiere},AppsHost\=REDHUAN,AppsPort\=1099"

    REDHUAN is MyHost.

    But remember checking the overwrite box or else the setting wont correct itself for the bottom database check. It should turn both green, but if it don't, you DO NOT test the database again as it will reset back the Target, and you may go in circles. :)

    dont give up, :) a try or two to understand what i said...