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#2673 Price list conversion

Price List (23)


We have our base price list in canadian dollars (CAD) and we would like to create a price list for a customer in Europe (Euro).

In the discount schema, our sequence works as follows :
- apply a 0% discount to all the product and ressources
- apply a 100% discount for specific ressources
- apply a fixed price for specific product (15)

As a result of creating our Euro price list from the discount schema and base price list in CAD, we have :
- our ressources at 0 : GOOD
- our specific product set at the fixed price of 15 euros : GOOD
- all other price are the CAD price negative (45 $CAD -> -45 Euros): BAD

Our currency rate "CAD to EUR" has been set and is valid.

Note that might be useful : In an order in Euro, the status bar on the bottom of the window gives us the price in the 2 currencies, the price in CAD is 0.00.

Thank you very much for your help!

Maxime Chambreuil, for Enzyme/Savoir-faire Linux


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    Kathy Pink

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