Link Exchange

  • Hi everyone,

    Just wondered if anyone fancied exchanging links with me.

    My new blog is at I'll put the link below the Scottish Lads link on the top of the side bar and include a small description for a link in return.

    email me at webmaster [at] if your interested.


    • iamdecal

      one thing we discused in the past was a comoblog webring -   i'm sure there is software out there if we want to keep it in house, but otherwise we can use something like ring surf?

      mark, i think you should set this up and run it from the same domain as the the comoblog wiki so its all in one place.

      any other ideas?

      • How about we add a page to the Wiki where we list all the pages of people using CoMoblog. New entries can be submitted to me via email.

        This way we can also populate our "Screenshots" section of the wiki.

        Sound okay ?