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#53 make background follow the widget colour/standard theme

Pontus Ekberg
Alan Horkan

I'm not sure why there is an option to set a background
colour, I don't get it.

I'd be much happier if you used the standard widget
colour (usually grey but it depends on your theme).

I hope you will consider the suggestion, maybe it could
be the default preference, and those who wanted it
could override with a specific background colour?



  • Pontus Ekberg
    Pontus Ekberg

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  • Pontus Ekberg
    Pontus Ekberg

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    I personally like to be able to set a background colour. A
    dark one is default (in 3.5 it will not be entirely black
    though), because dark colours are easier on the eyes than
    bright ones (which might be noticable after reading comics
    for a few hours), and because dark colours don't steal away
    the focus from the image. The human eye naturally draws its
    focus to the brightest parts of whatever it is looking at,
    and that should preferably be the image in this case. Still
    it should be possible to implement a preference to turn the
    background colour off, or perhaps to set it to the standard
    background colour (if that data is accessible through the
    GTK+ API). I will keep it in mind.