#112 Create thumbnails list before rendering them


Recently I opened a very large archive and I tried to scroll down the thumbnails list right to the end (I just needed the last pages), but I found that I had to wait until all the thumbnails (more than 200) had been rendered because the list would update continuously and the last thumbnails would (obviously) be added at the end only. Then I thought that it would be much better if Comix used the Nautilus approach, where all pictures in a folder are displayed at once with a generic icon until a preview has been rendered for them. As Comix thumbnails have a fixed size, it would be easy to (e.g.) generate a complete list of empty thumbnails and then update it (while it's being browsed) by "filling" the empty squares. Even more usefully, the thumbnails generation routine could have priorities based on which area the user is browsing: i.e., if the visible (but still empty) thumbnails are those from picture 55 to picture 61, the routine could render these and maybe go on (assuming the user will go on browsing from there), to return filling the previous "blanks" when everything else has finished.