Adding a Subcollection

  • Mislav Covran
    Mislav Covran


    First of all, thank you for this great software. I've been using Comix for some time now, and I love it.

    It's just that today I noticed that one of your screenshots shows subcollections (, and I have no idea how to add them. I've been hoping for this feature for some time now, and I never thought it already existed. :)

    Help, please?

  • James Hulme
    James Hulme

    If you click on add collection.  And then give it a name, it should appear under all books.  Then you can click and drag other books into that collection.  i.e. create a collection called sandman, and drag all your sandman books into it.  I hope this helps.  If not let me know and I'll take some print screens of what I'm doing.


  • Mislav Covran
    Mislav Covran

    Thanks, it works.

    Although I could have sworn it didn't work at the time of my post. Maybe my distro was a bit slow with an update or something…