Galician Translation

  • RCR

    Hi, I have developed a Galician translation for Comix 4.04, since I'd like it to be available in my native language. I've tried to send the translation via e-mail, but apparently it doesn't work. How can I contribute my translation? Thanks a lot. 

  • Pontus Ekberg
    Pontus Ekberg


    thank you for your translation. I got it by mail, but along with everything else related to Comix I'm afraid it got stuck in a "will look at later" state and then got forgotten. I'm sorry about that, I will try to be more up to date with what is happening with Comix, if I get the time.

    I have now added your translation to the SVN repository, and I plan to make a new release sometime soon with it included. (I really should have made a new release a long time ago anyway!)