Bittorrent search

  • Giacomo Lacava
    Giacomo Lacava

    just wanted to flag up the request I put in the tracker, ID 2796583.

    I think that integrating BitTorrent (as much as possible without implementing a full client) is the real next step for comics-managing apps.
    The patch attached to the bug is a basic OpenSearch backend that allows to easily launch searches on the major trackers with the default browser, from the Library screen. The only thing it still needs (apart from placing the box in a better place in the interface -- I put it in the first blank space I could find) is an option in the Preferences to select the default plugin.

    One could probably extend the feature with things like "Search for other issues of this series" in contextual menus.

    What do you think, guys ?

    • glen stark
      glen stark

      Hi Giacomo

      I'm sorry to provide negative feedback, but I don't think this is a good idea.  These are my reasons:

      1) It makes a stronger connection between reading comics electronically and piracy.  I have nothing against either, but I like the idea of keeping the two things separate.
      2) I prefer smaller, lightweight applications that do one thing.  I don't find it hard to do a search myself for similar work. 

      Along your line of thought though, I think an open comic book database would be a fantastic idea.