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Is there a MAC version of comix ?

Jiayou Lin
  • Jiayou Lin
    Jiayou Lin

    Comix is the best comic software I have ever used and I really love the bookmark function.
    Now  I want to use comix on my new Macbook, but it's seems that the OS X verson is not provided...

  • Saw this only now, but just to let you know: I am using the Mac Port version of comix on my Mac and it works a charm, although full-size is unreliable.

    Basically you would need to install the port utility (www.macports.org) which is very useful for any kind of Unix code you want to run on the mac anyway. To install comix you do: "port comix" and after some time (it compiles it all..) it should have been installed and should work nicely. Note that you need to use Cmd-buttom to access right-click type menus (i.e. to remove a collection etc.)

    Btw. If this is the first time you use port you are well advised to read up a bit about it to be sure you understand where everything ends up etc. The web page above is a decent place to start.