Comix 4.0.0 Conversion

  • Nathan T. Wild
    Nathan T. Wild

    Great to see a new release of Comix!  It is by far one of the most used and loved applications on my PCs...  So far it looks about the same, other than a much snazzier library. 

    One feature that seems to have disappeared is "Convert".  I like to keep my library in CBZ format, and used to use this FREQUENTLY.  In 4.x is has disappeared from the menu.

    Has it moved somewhere that I haven't found yet?  Is it coming back?  Is there some other means to accomplish this?

    • Pontus Ekberg
      Pontus Ekberg

      Hi Nathan,

      the "convert" utility has been replaced by the archive editing dialog. The edited archives are stored as Zip (.cbz) files, so to convert from say .cbr to .cbz you could simply select "edit archive" and save it without making any further changes to it.