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Please help me...

... making the installation routines better. I really need feedback. Lately I had contact with some 'would like to be' ComicMaster users, which even with the new cmake build system in 0067 had problems to install ComicMaster. Here is an example of one of the problems. Some of my files did not end with a proper newline character. The C standard seems to demand this newline char, but nowadays it does not seem to be a problem when it is missing. As a result this warning has been removed from gcc 4.3 at all. Great, I hated this superfluous warning. Now I hate the removal as much. Why? I usually compile all my programs with -Werror, i.e. treat all warnings as errors and abort compilation. Helps to the keep the code clean. The result? I don't see the warning at all and cannot easily fix the missing newline. For users who still use the old gcc 4.2 it means 'game over'. This problem is easy to fix, but I have to know about it. So if anyone tries to install ComicMaster and fails for what reason ever... be angry, curse me for being an incompetent programmer, but please don't do it silently. Write me about it. ;-)

Posted by Guido 2010-08-02