#22 Portable


I noticed that if I took the Comical executable and the mingwm10.dll and put it on a thumb drive that I now had a portable comic book reader. So what, you ask?

I haven't checked yet, but could burn it to CD with an autorun.inf file and have a portable self loading comic book for the kids. Or take your comic books with you on a thumb drive.

Any chance of wrappering the dll and the exe to create a "Portable App"?



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    Forgot to add with the "portable self loading comic book" - Would be nice if it would automatically open a zipped file in the same directory as the executable. That way you could truly make a self loading comic book when a burned CD autoplays. So I guess my post is a request for two enhancements instead of one. Thanks for the great work.

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    Went ahead and burned the executable, mingwm10.dll, an autoinf to launch the executable and about 300 comic books onto CD. Works like a charm. My son now does not need to keep all of his comic books on the hard drive and they are readily "backed up" now.