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I'm Porting ComDec

I'm going to begin porting ComDec to C# to hopefully improve the look and feel of the program.

It will retain all of it's current functions, and possibly more, but will use WinForms and possibly WPF.

Posted by Liam McSherry 2011-10-17

Complications AVERTED!

As you may, or may not, know, I took down the download of the Beta update to fix some things. I fixed these, and I added a new, small, feature.

This feature is basically a changelog; it gives version information and such. Here are pictures:

Version Info Screen

Changelog Screen (will have scrollbars should it be a long one)

So far there are only 2 buttons; version info and the changelog. But it isn't extremely difficult to add more (that is, unless I lose the project file).... read more

Posted by Liam McSherry 2011-10-09

Beta: We're Here!

So Beta is finally here, and I've decided to do a blog post so that I can outline new features and things that have happened during the development of Beta.

So, what have I done to Beta? Here's an outline:


The first thing I wanted to add was an updater. Something to allow more ease of use, so the user doesn't need to come here, to SourceForge, or go to SoftPedia to download the latest installer. This also takes a small task from me; it means I will only need to compile a new installer every major release. So far, this updater allows me to update the main client (comdec.exe), or the libraries or the .INI file. Another reason for this updater was so, in the case of an error, I wouldn't have to release a whole new version just to patch one thing; I can do it automatically. Updating can also be disabled, for those on limited bandwidth.... read more

Posted by Liam McSherry 2011-10-08

Beta Release Delayed

I'm staying at a relative's house for several days, so I haven't been able to upload the Beta release (or work on it). I've now got a chance to go back to my house, so I've put the source file on a USB stick and will be continuing work on the project until I can release it.

I'm happy to say that I'm almost finished, and that all the core features have been implemented.

Posted by Liam McSherry 2011-10-07

More Info on When Beta will be Released!

As you probably know by now, I've halted the release of Alpha versions so I can dedicate the time that would be used developing for Alpha to developing the Beta.

I'm making good progress, and most of the core features are implemented. Though this is good, there are still features that go around the core features that improve aesthetics. I want to make sure that I release the most possible before October 6th (the date I'm aiming for to release on).... read more

Posted by Liam McSherry 2011-10-03

ComDec is on SoftPedia :D

With 86 Downloads, too!
Though, it is 0.7.1, instead of the current

See it here.

Posted by Liam McSherry 2011-10-03

The Beta Release: When?

I am very happy to say that we are nearly in the Public Beta development stage.

I've been coding for the last few hours, and I've managed to add several functions, but there is still more to do.

I'm not going to be releasing this today, and probably not tomorrow or the day after. There are still things to do. The current things that have been added have improved the user-friendliness of the application.... read more

Posted by Liam McSherry 2011-10-02

Alpha Release

With the release of another patch, Beta draws closer.
I've only go a few things left to do before Beta, but I'm not sure how quickly it will get done. I'm hoping to be able to release Beta before Alpha v1.0.0.x, so I can start doing some aesthetic changes to the program.

Alpha's main focus was to add compatibility for a wide range of files, and that is going well. Once all the Windows-common file types (Ones that most home users are likely to use) that I'd like added are added, the file type adding will stop for a bit while I work on aesthetics, looks and speeding up the compressor and decompressor.... read more

Posted by Liam McSherry 2011-10-02

Alpha Release

I'm a little ahead of schedule here :)

I was expecting to be able to release v0.8.0.21 tomorrow, but got all the work I wanted done today, so I'm releasing it today. The program will now compress and decompress slightly faster than it used to, and now supports a few more file types (.DOC, .DOCX).

I wasn't able to fix the bug where, if you cancel file selection, comdec.exe crashes. I'll keep trying to fix it, but I can't promise it for the next release. What I can promise for the next release is support for .HTML, .CHM and .JAR files.... read more

Posted by Liam McSherry 2011-10-01

Alpha 0.7.2 Release

I released another version of the Alpha today. This will be the last one before v0.8.0.x, and it added:

  • A Decompressor
  • Compressor now Double-Compresses (Compresses the file twice)
  • Compatibility with .JPG, .TIF / .TIFF and .GIF

I'm expecting to be able to release 0.8.0.x by the 2nd of October. This will add some more file-type compatibilities and will speed up the compressor & decompressor a bit.

Posted by Liam McSherry 2011-09-30

Alpha 0.7.1 Release

OK, so I've been working on this for a little bit and decided that it's ready for release. Check out below for all the new features added to this build of ComDec.

  • (Unoptimised) Compressor (Allow 15+ Seconds)
  • Compatibility with .TXT and .PNG Files
  • GUI Interface (Moved from a Command-Line Interface)
  • Icon Added
Posted by Liam McSherry 2011-09-29