hub4com v2.1.0.0 released

The hub4com is a Windows application and is a part of the com0com project.
The hub4com can be used for sharing, joining, redirecting, multiplexing and encrypting serial and TCP/IP port data.
It allows to receive data and signals from one port, modify and send it to a number of other ports and vice versa.

In this release the following changes were done:

* The pinmap filter: added ability to set pins to ON/OFF.
* The pinmap filter: added --data option to control data stream by pin state.
* Added --reconnect option to com2tcp-rfc2217.bat.
* Implemented serial port share mode to allow use COM port by other applications when port is not used by hub4com.
* Added --share-com-port option to com2tcp-rfc2217.bat.
* The telnet filter: added --ascii-cr-padding option to insert padding following CR in the default ASCII mode.
* The pin2con filter: added --delay-disconnect option to ignore the disconnect if the connect will raised shortly.
* Added --delay-disconnect option to com2tcp-rfc2217.bat.
* Implemented tag-sync filter to allow resynchronization data tagged by tag filter after data lost.
* Added ability to divide incoming TCP sessions (prevent accepting new TCP connection until the connection counter is 0).
* Fixed some bugs and made some improvements.

The hub4com can be downloaded from

The homepage for com0com project is

Posted by Vyacheslav Frolov 2012-06-18