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A while later

So I come back around .. just to see what was brewing. I'm still much a fan of color ordering but I have given up on making a program for my ideas. I have something working on my machine and it's plenty for me. If you have the urge to pick up this project just let me know. I'd be very happy to provide assitance. Anyways .. don't code in MFC. It's really a crazy api. Simply not fun to code in.

Posted by Louis-Pierre Charbonneau 2003-10-11

A quick update

It's been about a month or so since the last news update. Well the current state of development is "stall". Nothing bad with that I guess. Sometimes things simply stall. I'm a bit overwhelmed with my responsabilities. Do not fear, I trust that I will come back and finish up what I have started!

Mess with the code or send me ideas.

Till later,

Posted by Louis-Pierre Charbonneau 2003-02-14

A step forward

I did a bit of analyzing work on the colorpicker this last week. Turns out the back-end is doing poorly compared to my hopes. I'm going to need to re-think somethings, mostly the data structure.

Some work to generalize def_pop (the function which creates the color scheme) has been done. I want to make it able to handle number systems ranging in size from 1 to 256. I'm still coming out empty handed from that fight, but I should be getting it sometime soon.... read more

Posted by Louis-Pierre Charbonneau 2003-01-19

The first public release

I had to persuade myself that it was time to release the back-end source of the color picker. There is still lots of tweeking to be done. There is always alot of tweeking to be done! Have a look at it. I find it to be good looking!

There is theory that should come soon. This theory, should make the code clearer. I worked on some theory and math over the last few days and was able to prove some formulas. (Beats me how I suceeded to do that. I've always been bad at proving things. Behold the wonders of induction.) I was able convince myself that I was heading in the right direction with the color organizing scheme. So the work continues.... read more

Posted by Louis-Pierre Charbonneau 2003-01-05

Website? What Website?

A destination that reveals the colorpicker's insides and outsides.

A little side note. This site is powered by Dynamica v0 release 1. Dynamica is little project that I'm working on. It's a dynamic site engine. Put in the files, edit a few .dat files and bam! Everything is there just like magic. (Well, that's the theory at least.) The current version is rather limited but hopefully release 2 will be more powerful.... read more

Posted by Louis-Pierre Charbonneau 2002-12-19

The work continues

I just thought I would drop a note here. The work continues. Being that I am in university, I have had finals in the last few weeks so I haven't had much time to code.

I did start working on a website. I'm going to be tweaking a bit of php into it to make it dynamic. Once that's done I'm returning to coding.

I have tested some new ideas for color organizations schemes and for color matching systems. I will make sure to write up a short something on the future website.... read more

Posted by Louis-Pierre Charbonneau 2002-12-14

Starting up!

Well, up and running aren't we? There isn't much on up just yet but it's all underway. Code is being writen, ideas are bouncing around. My desk is covered with scrap peices of paper. Much of the code and algorithms are already designed. What remains is to code and to put it all together with a GUI. A pre-beta version should be expected within 2 weeks. If you want to help just drop me a note and let me know what you can do.

Posted by Louis-Pierre Charbonneau 2002-12-07