Default options used when collectl daemon run

  • hai

    What are the default options used when collectl runs in daemon mode? I could see this:

    DaemonCommands = -f /var/log/collectl -r00:00,7 -m -F60 -s+YZ

    I tried to manually run collectl, but I could not see slabinfo is being captured if manually running it. I would like to run the command manually, store results to some raw file, and get the same results when trying to play back from it later, the same as if collectl was running in daemon mode.

    I must be missing something obvious .. Let me know ..

  • Mark Seger
    Mark Seger

    segerm@az1-devclient-0000:~$ collectl -V
    Default values by switch:
                  Interactive   Daemon
      -c             -1         -1
      -i             1:60:120   10:60:120
      -lustsvcs      :1       :1
      -s             cdn        bcdfijlmnstx
    Defaults only settable in config file:
      LimSVC        = 30
      LimIOS        = 10
      LimLusKBS     = 100
      LimLusReints  = 1000
      LimBool       = 0
      Port          = 2655
      Timeout       = 10
      MaxZlibErrors = 20

    to see slabs interactively you'd need to include Y since the  interactive default is only 'cdn'.

    if you want to duplicate daemon mode manually and NOT actually have it run as one, you could literally copy the contents of DaemonCommands in /etc/collectl.conf to the command line or do something like this:

    collectl -sbcdfijlmnstxYZ -f/tmp

    then control-c it when you're happy.  is that close to what you want?  OR you could just run collectl -D, but then it'd start as a daemon and you'd have to manually kill it.  but at that point  you could have just as easily run /etc/init.d/collectl start so I'll leave it to you to figure out how best to run it to get the results you're looking for