Maya 2010 importing no geometry...

D Garcia
  • D Garcia
    D Garcia

    I'm trying to jump the Collada hurdle.  Using Maya 2010.  (Windows 7, 64-bit OS)

    After loading Collada, Maya shows that it recognizes the .dae file (in import and export drop-downs) and seems to do some thinking/processing when I try to import .dae files.  But once it's done there is nothing imported.

    Collada being only set up through Maya 2009, I was informed after loading that I have to manually copy the plug-in files.  Could this be the issue?

    From where do I get them and to what directory do I copy them?

    I've run the Collada tool (1.2.2) but it doesn't seem to have helped the issue.

    Any direction towards troubleshooting is greatly appreciated.