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Read Me


1. This script uses live-build software for building the livecd and has only been tested on Debian squeeze.

2. No service should be listening on port 3306 (mysqld generally listens on this port)

3. Currently, every time is run, the entire code for scs-server, scs-webclient and scs-archiver (~ 300 MiB) is downloaded from sourceforge. This becomes extremely painful to re-run this script on slow internet connections. This can probably be worked around by commenting out some sections in the script during development/testing. However, a more robust solution has to be thought of.


To build the collabsuite live cd, just run:

# sudo ./

To build the backup live cd, run:

# sudo ./ --backup

You can go through the script for knowing all the script options including those for builidng minimal and complete builds (default is standard build).