Guys I am just starting out with colinux (looking at it from developer's point of view, not end user. that way I have been using colinux for a while), and I did my first build today with the devel branch. I hit this error:

$ export PATH=~/colinux/colinux/src/colinux/os/linux/build:$PATH

root@co-sunil-hpc ~/colinux/colinux/src/colinux/os/linux/build
$ colinux-daemon kernel=vmlinux cobd0=/root/colinux/image/Gentoo-colinux-stage3-x86-2004.3 root=/dev/cobd0 hda1=:cobd0
Cooperative Linux Daemon, 0.7.1
Compiled on Mon May  8 22:02:09 2006

using 'vmlinux' as kernel image
configuring 32 MB of virtual RAM
mapping cobd0 to /root/colinux/image/Gentoo-colinux-stage3-x86-2004.3
mapping hda1 to param
kernel boot parameters: 'root=/dev/cobd0'

daemon: manager is loaded
daemon: exit code 8000e001
daemon: error - CO_RC_ERROR_ERROR, line 56, file src/colinux/os/linux/user/daemon/main.c (0)

So, I run it thru gdb and this is exiting out at:

monitor.c:45, co_user_monitor_create calls into manager.c,co_os_manager_ioctl(..,params, CO_MANAGER_IOCTL_CREATE,..).

The condition at line user/monitor.c:54, if (!CO_OK(params->rc)) {, fails.

Any idea what's going on?

module colinux is loaded.

vanilla linux source used is

I am sure I am doing something stupid. Please bring me to light.