iirc there is an option in the services control panel to let a service access the gui have you tried turning that on for your ssh service?
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Its quite possible that controlling terminal requirements apply to Windows like it does with X as well... I doubt there is any way to get around this. I can think of some more complex ways to actually get it working; like having a cygwin script daemon on Windows waiting for particular messages from colinux via SSH writing to a text file (or something like that) to start up an application, so a cygwin script actually kicks it off (thereby controlling the terminal, and displaying properly.) I doubt you could do it directly from colinux.
On 10/30/05, Xing Qiu <liqiuxing@hotmail.com> wrote:
Hi there,

   I have both colinux and cygwin sshd running.  I use putty to connect to
the colinux virtual machine and I am happy with that.  However sometimes I
may need to launch a Windows app (Word, for instance) to view/edit a colinux
file (let's say foo.doc).  Now certainly I can switch to explorer and open
the colinux samba share folder and then double click on foo.doc , and Windows
will launch Word for me.  But it would be far cooler if I can do that from
some command line script within colinux.

   I tried to use the cygwin Xterm, and cd to  /cygdrive/c/Program
Files/Microsoft Office/Office10, and then run ./WINWORD.EXE, and it works!
However if I connect to cygwin sshd from colinux (or write an ssh execution
script) and do the same, Word doesn't show up at all (but I am sure it is
running, coz I can find it running from Windows taskmanager).  Any one has
any tips? :-)

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