> Yes, I've already done all of that and it reduce latency but it's not
> real time ...

I think at the present time thats about the best your gonna get!
> Yes ! With if the VNCaudio can ctach a stream from a virtual sound
> card, why does forward it throught the network .... If the colinux
> process can mount win dir (cofs) into linux, it can catch this stream
> to play on Windows ....
I'm thinking less like cofs, more like the networking and console support.  I would imagine using cofs would generate a lot of disk through-put.  My understanding at present, as I've never really looked at the source ;), is that the daemon catches serial output to display on the console.  What we really would want is a daemon which catches the line-out to receive pure analog? output or a digital output to receive PCM data which could be sent straight to the real sound card on the host.
I downloaded the source code of a recent snapshot, coLinux-0.7.1-20070326-src.tar.gz, from SourceForge and the, rather old, source code to VNCAudio and in opening one file, vncsound.c in the viewer there is a tiny little problem...it's all for a linux client.  I'm going to have a look at the actual virtual sound card side of things to see how it is done first to firstly see how it is done and secondly to see if my skills are up to the job.  I'm still pretty new to programming :( and even newer to coding anything for Linux.
> VNCAudio, if it can work with recent kernel and vnc version, is just a
> way for me. Not a real solution ! In Colinux, the VNCserver is just
> one of the possible solution to have a display. But there are many
> more : Xserver on windows in one windows, multiple windows, ssh -X ...
> And if someone wan't to run an app in console to play sound (mpg123,
> mpd ...) ? It must a solution not depending on the VNCAudio. But it
> can be a good temporary solution

Yeah, VNC was my original solution, then Cygwin/X using XDMCP and then Cygwin/X using X over SSH using Putty.

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