Seriously, I think you should try to play with the "regular Linux" first.  Colinux is still an early beta software, and you do need some sort of experience to tame this beast. While on the other hand, there are many Linux distros so user friendly that to install and manage them may be even easier as compare to maintain a Windows box.  I would certainly try to install and play with a true Linux distro, let's say Mandriva or Kubuntu since you prefer KDE before using colinux.
Just my 2 cents.
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From: Thach Nguyen
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Subject: [coLinux-users] Which distribution?

Hi all:
I'm inexperient in both Linux and coLinux. I installed coLinux using the Gentoo image, thinking that I can choose the packages I really need and hence reduce the space required (I'm using an office machine, which has very limited hdd space). However, I read on some wiki page that Gentoo will eventually require much more space than Debian (10GB compared with Debian's 2-3GB). Is it true?
By the way, I just require some developers' tools on Linux, for office applications, I'm quite comfortable with Windows' ones. Which distribution should I choose then? (including Mandrake, Fedora, etc.)
One more: I like KDE and hence dont want to install GNOME. If I use Debian image, is GNOME included by default. If it is, can I uninstall it?
Thank you very much!
Best regards,
Thach Nguyen