Not sure about the security - colinux uses the daemon to access windows indirectly...
You should be aware that in general projects under development lack the security "stable" projects have.
I wouldn't recommend you to use colinux if you require HIGH level of security. Note - the host windows OS isn't that secure anyone.
Btw, if you want that security fix on 2.4.24 kernel, you can get kernel sources from slackware - they've patched the 2.4.24 with it. I think other distros did that too.
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when i used 2.4.24 it built fine
what are the security implications of colinux?
can it be trusted to jail users within a colinux system from each other or are there ways for an app inside to make direct windows system calls and break out
i know that 2.4.24 has a known local root hole and would like to know if is worth trying to find a backport of the security fix or if colinux has no security in the first place