You probably have to look into the boot.ini on your system and disable some Windows SP2 features that are known to cause problems.  If you go to then the Bugs page, you'll see some bugs about BSOD, browse them, there are directions there about things you might have to do to fix the BSOD.


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Hi Everyone,

I just got my new laptop on Monday.  I'm a network admin, so I use
coLinux and VMware all the time to create test environments, so it was
one of the first things I installed.  I went to boot one of my Debian
images and the daemon started and displayed the daemon version and then
the second line is the date and time.  It hesitates for about 5 seconds
then it dumps me to a BSOD every time.  The stop code is 0x000000D1
which is a driver error.  I am not sure what to try next.

I am using the production version of coLinux 0.6.2 with a the default
Debian image.

My laptop specs are
mfg: Alienware Area 51 m7700
HDDs: 60 GB main; 40 GB slave - both on a Promise SATA RAID controller
PROC: Pentium 4 3.0 GHz with hyperthreading.

I should point out that the Alienware laptop model I have uses the
desktop P4 NOT mobile P4.  This is my first P4, I am an AMD guy, but it
does something a little strange, and I can only assume it is the
hyperthreading.  All the system information shows I have two processors
installed.  I can also set the affinity in the task manager for
processes.  I am wondering if this is the cause?

Any thoughts?

John :-)
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