Not sure if this is a CoLinux or Debian issue, any help welcomed. The Debain image is from the CoLinux downloads page. Updated with latest bits, dnsutils etc.

0.7.5 installed on a Windows 7 x86 box.
Wireshark works so I am guessing Winpcap is working too.

In my CoLinux .conf file I have:

# pcap

# tap

At boot the set up for eth0 fails. No idea why. A grep through the logs in /var/log shows nothing. The console shows this:

Setting up networking....
Configuring network interfaces...Operation failed.
Failed to bring up eth0.

As far as the Debian (sourceforge download) installation goes in /etc/network/interfaces I've got:

# The primary network interface (win-pcap)
auto eth0
iface eth0 inet dhcp

# Second network (tap-win32)
auto eth1
# DHCP works on tap
iface eth1 inet dhcp
# static works on
#iface eth1 inet static
#   address
#   netmask
#   gateway

Bizarrely perhaps I get the same problem if I reverse the configuration i.e. have the tap adapter as eth0.

Any clues on this?

BTW For anyone else dealing with networking issues let me say that eth1 works perfectly in a standard SoHo 'behind the router' enviroment. I get DHCP and correct DNS resolution ( the latter only I removed the wretched resolvconf and manually added a nameserver entry to /etc/resolv.conf )

udev from Debian renames the network interfaces. Please read the comments and hints in Wiki:

Please read the related Bug report

Henry N.