On 8/15/07, David H. Lynch Jr. <dhlii@dlasys.net> wrote:
Mostly I run Ubuntu, but I have windows XP MCE on my system as I
periodically have to test some things under windows.
Under windows I usually have colinux running. For the moment I have
colinux setup to mount the Ubutu partition.

What I would really like is to be able to just boot colinux using the
Ubuntu patition as its root.
I would really like my colinux install to share everythig with my Ubuntu
install as close as possible.

With very few exceptions I can not see why I can not just tell coLinux
to use my Ubuntu partition as root.
Probably the biggest deals would be "hardware" differences. 

How do I keep colinux from starting an xserver (gdm is fine I use Xming
under windows to connect) ? and other things that are just not going to
work ?
Is there a way to tell the coLinux kernel from a stock kernel after boot
that I could use inside the /etc scripts to
prevent coLinux frm doing things that are just not going to work ?

Anyone worked extensively with colinux dual boot arrangements ave any
recomendations ?

I used hprofile for that (hprofile.sourceforge.net).  I think the kernel includes "-co-" in the version string, which makes it easy to select a profile based on uname. 

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