Good morning,
My name is David Solomon (a.k.a LordDavon) and I am the founder of andLinux.  andLinux is a Windows hosted Linux distribution based on CoLinux, Xming, Debian and several other technologies and caters to Linux development for portable systems (GP2X, Sharp Zaurus, etc.).  andLinux is a complete out-of-box distribution that integrates into the Windows desktop.
Henry Nestler has been a great asset in maturing andLinux into a viable Linux distro and his help is more then greatly appreciated.  I have also received excellent help in the CoLinux IRC channel.  Due to the excellent support Henry [and CoLinux] have been to the project and the vested interest I have in CoLinux's development due to andLinux, I would like to know the best way that I can give back to CoLinux.
As well, I would like to add andLinux to the CoLinux Wiki, but can't find the appropriate place to put it (besides the uneditable front page) on the CoLinux Wiki site.  If anyone knows the best place to put andLinux, please let me know.
You can find out more information about andLinux from the GP2X Developers Wiki at or the LinuxDevices article about andLinux at
David Solomon