#50 Support for Windows x64


All the machines in our office are running either Vista x64 or Server 2008 x64 and thus I can't use coLinux on my desktop despite really wanting to.

Obviously there are driver signing issues to work through. Requiring the user to self-sign is not necessarily a blocker, at least for us.


  • Whats with no X64 development? M$FT is signaling that x64 is going to be very important now, and those of us with lots of ram (8GB for me) and the need to run Windows for intensive tasks (IE those most likely to have x64). I cannot run X86 and I want my Linux apps to. Out in the cold, I would help developing but I am just a lowly Mechanical Engineer and am mostly useless outside of java.

  • David Rorex
    David Rorex

    The developers have enough on their plate already, x64 is important, but there's only so many devs. If you really need to run linux under 64bit windows, check on virtualbox or vmware, they both have free versions which support that. Not quite as fast as colinux, but since you seem to already have a high end machine, the speed bump shouldn't bother you too much.

  • David Solomon
    David Solomon

    @henryn: Let me know how we can help. I have some developers, besides myself, that I can get involved with the 64bit port. You can reach me at my email (LordDavon at gmail dot com). Just let me know how we can help.

    @josath: Some of us are too tied to colinux to go elsewhere easily. :)

    David Solomon