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colinux v.7.1 (rc4) as a service howto?

  • Freakazoid

    on a whim (and because I was bored), I decided to try to install colinux (with pcap-bridge networking) on my pvr box, much to my surprise it worked great. (unlike on my main system where it broke things completely ala: http://sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php?thread_id=1794024&forum_id=342355\)

    just got things set up the way I like and expanded the root file system a bit with the help of my linux box (loopback mounted the existing fs and the new blank image then copied everything over to a new, larger one)
    now i'm getting ready to run it as a service and looking at the wiki page for it and everything seems to be geared twords v.6.x and it's xml configuration files which vanished in .7.x
    how would I go about setting this up?
    also, should something go *foom* what's the best way to connect to the console? (done via VNC to the box as it's sitting elsewhere connected to a TV)

    also, udev complains about kernel version not >= 2.6.15, is that anything to worry about?