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Can't vnc my colinux from host computer !

BArt Ouzzi
  • BArt Ouzzi
    BArt Ouzzi


    I have install Colinux on Windows XP SP3 using the ubuntu7.10 for colinux0.72 package by caixnet...

    Networking with Winpcap to obtain ip address from my DHCP server

    I am able to ping colinux from host computer...

    I am able to ping host computer from colinux...

    Each are located in the same subnet....

    I am able to VNC and ssh my colinux from an other computer on my network but I'm not able to do it from the host computer( on witch colinux is installed)

    how is that possible ?

    • Henry N.
      Henry N.

      Perhaps a firewall rule on windows?
      Double ipaddresses or duplicated MAC?
      Sometimes ssh check the hostname for the client ip address (via DNS). Add your ipaddress from host and from coLinux in the file /etc/hosts.

      Check the interfaces on coLinux. Disable all others (slirp) so the packets goes the right route.

      You can use www.wireshark.org to view what goes on for the pings and for the ssh.

      A better way as pcap-bridge would be to add a second network (eth1=tuntap) in different subnet from your Ethernet. Then you have access from host without problems, because it's a separate network between coLinux and the host only. The public ssh from other computers you can use additionalny or not on your wishes.