The system cannot find the file specified.

  • hanpedro

    I have an error message on fedora5.bat.

    D:\Program Files (x86)\_server\coLinux>colinux-daemon.exe kernel=vmlinux initrd=
    initrd.gz mem=64 cobd0=L:\_coLinux\FedoraCore5-2006.8-ext3-2gb\Fedora5-2gb.ext3
    cobd1=swap.img cofs0=C:\Temp eth0=slirp root=/dev/cobd0 fastboot nogui
    colinux: manager open: last error: The system cannot find the file specified.
    Cooperative Linux Daemon, 0.6.4
    Compiled on Mon May 29 22:19:09 2006

    using 'vmlinux' as kernel image
    using 'initrd.gz' as initrd image
    configuring 64 MB of virtual RAM
    mapping cobd0 to \??\L:\_coLinux\FedoraCore5-2006.8-ext3-2gb\Fedora5-2gb.ext3
    mapping cobd1 to \??\D:\Program Files (x86)\_server\coLinux\swap.img
    configured Slirp as eth0
    mapping cofs0 to \??\C:\Temp
    kernel boot parameters: 'root=/dev/cobd0 fastboot nogui'

    colinux: manager open: last error: The system cannot find the file specified.
    error initializing
    driver not installed
    daemon: exit code 87c0a001
    daemon: error - CO_RC_ERROR_ERROR, line 40, file colinux/user/monitor.o (62)

    And my fedora5.xml is
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <block_device index="0" path="L:\_coLinux\FedoraCore5-2006.8-ext3-2gb\Fedora5-2gb.ext3" enabled="true" alias=cobd0/>
        <block_device index="2" path="\Device\Harddisk2\Partition2" enabled="true" alias=hda2/>
        <block_device index="4" path="\Device\Harddisk2\Partition4" enabled="true" alias=hda4/>
        <bootparams>root=/dev/cobd0 fastboot nogui</bootparams>
        <initrd path="initrd.gz" />   
        <image path="vmlinux" />
        <memory size="128" />
        <network index="0" type="colinux-tap32" />

    How can I fix this "/??/" on error message?

    And, I could not find "swap.img"

    Please help me.

    • Henry N.
      Henry N.

      Colinux can't open the driver "linux.sys".  Your installation was incomplete or you have moved the driver into other directory.

      Please run these commands on you colinux install directory:
      colinux-daemon.exe --remove-driver
      colinux-daemon.exe --install-driver

      Check the driver status with:
      colinux-daemon.exe --status-driver

      If that not helps, go into your Windows Control panel - Hardware driver - enable "see all" drivers, locate the "non plug and play drivers" - and uninstall manualy - than call the commands again.  see (german)

      Some times you need to reboot your machine between remove and install.