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Memory stuck at 29 MB

Gary Pajer
  • Gary Pajer
    Gary Pajer

    My new coLinux system has basic functionality.  Now I'm trying to iron out some rough spots.
    This is coLinux 0.8.0.

    If I run "free" in my coLinux Kubuntu, it reports 29 MB of ram.  But I have mem=128 in my config file, and 1 GB of physical memory.  I've tried to restart coLinux two ways. First by doing a linux

    shutdown -h now

    and then stopping the Windows service, then make the change in .conf, then restart the Service, then reconnect to coLinux.  I've also tried powering down the system and restarting.  Neither has done the job.

    Any ideas?

    • Gary Pajer
      Gary Pajer

      I have memory now.  Evidently spaces are significant in the config file.  (?)
      seems to work while
      mem = 128
      seems not to.