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FAQ - List of Host and Guest OS's

  • Lars Noodén
    Lars Noodén

    A question for the FAQ:  which host and guest OS's are supported or are known to work ?

    Also, is coLinux 'virtualization' or 'paravirtualization' or 'emulation' ?

    • Henry N.
      Henry N.

      Hosts: Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, all 32-bit only

      Guests: x86 Linux, with kernel versions we have patched.
      A coLinux release version only supports one kernel version. In side source you can select one of (2.6.8 up to 2.6.22).

      coLinux is more an paravirtualisation. Can not say it is, not known sufficiently about. The coLinux kernel does cooperative with the host Windows-kernel. With other words: Ugly Linux kernel code can corrupt your host.
      You should read the Publications on www.colinux.org, there exist more about internals.

      You can compair coLinux under windows with User Mode Linux under Linux.
      coLinux: Host is Windows, Guest is Linux with coLinux special kernel
      UML: Host is Linux, Guest is Linux with uml special kernel