Install new software?

  • Is it possible install new software on colinux? Or is it possible to create a new colinux kernel with other software installed?


    • Danny Staple
      Danny Staple

      Of course. Building a new kernel is a bit more interesting, but installing software is fine. You just ahve to ensure you dont try to install real drivers - as the windows HAL has already grabbed the hardware.

      You can use any of the distro's normal tools (debian apt, or wajig or gentoo emerge), plus any other method, build from source, binary packages etc. What you wouldnt be able to do easily is install a new distro from scratch.

      If you are keen on building a new Kernel, just make sure it incorporates the colinux patches.

    • How can I read my real partitions?
      I tried to configure my xml file, but I didn't be able.
      Right now this is my situation:
      /dev/hda1  --> windows partition (where coolinux is installed)
      /dev/hda5  --> FAT32 partition.

      I would like to download a software, copy it into FAT32 partition (for example), and install it into colinux. Is it possible?

    • Anybody can help me?
      I'm not able to use "block_device" to see cdrom or fat32 partition (instead I'm able to use it if i use cofs).
      This is my xml config file:
      ...block_device index="1" path="\Device\Harddisk1\Partition5" enabled="true"...

      But I get this error when i try to mount it:
      "mount: special device /dev/codb1 does not exist"

      That is?

      Another question? Where new softwares are installed? In which directory?