Can only access colinux from other boxes(!)

  • snesreviews

    I recently ditched topologilinux in the interest of setting up something myself which was a little less bloaty. I thus opted for the gentoo installation and everything went really well - I can open up a console and access the network without very much tweaking, but the odd quirk is that I can access the gentoo colinux box from everywhere except the hosting machine - I can't even ping it! Any idea where the problem is likely to be? windows? tap? colinux? It worked fine for the topologilinux installation that I had. It's really frustrating having to go into the colinux folder every time I want to access a terminal, instead of using my trusty putty :).

    By the way, this pure rules and works really really well - u really can't tell it's not a linux machine from outside the network if you weren't told!