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Newbie here need help with using partition

  • Hey I'm pretty new to CoLinux I've read a lot but somethings are not just coming together I can get the console to come up and can get out to the internet fine but i'm not sure how to use my ubuntu partition with colinux i've read the dual boot but i havent successfully made colinux see the seperate partition please help

  • I've been reading a lot and all i've seen has been seeing the separate partition with code in an XML file but i have CoLinux 7.8 and 7.1 and above use .conf files i'm just wondering if its even still possible to see the separate partition and use it with the CoLinux kernel?

  • Henry N.
    Henry N.

    Please read the page Converting Distributions on wiki. There exist examples for conf file.

    Usage for second partition on first disk is


  • I'm sorry I'm just pretty confused as to how to mount the actual partition and then forward the xserver so i can have the gui as part of my screen from my other partition

  • I have windows 7 so i'm trying out the bridging and when i bridge with my wireless my wireless still works but the tuntap adapter isnt receiving anything 0 packets… does anyone know if there is a setting that I possibly could be missing and i have eth0=tuntap in my .conf file with the debian backports