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masquerading with colinux debian

  • alex2381

    The situation:
    I want colinux to dial my pppoe, and share the internet to the local lan (including my local windows).

    I have only twice before configured a gateway with linux (with ubuntu and knoppix using vmware), like this. Have copied all the settings.

    The pppoe dailing is working 100%.
    The dhcp server is working 100%. Giving IP's to all pc's (including my windows).

    The local network seams to work. I do however suffer from the "eth0: duplicate address detected!", but other than that, all network stuff works (forwarding x apps, samba etc). I can also ping everything from everywhere.

    The problem:
    The masquerading is only working to other pc's, not to my local windows. Although I can ping to the outside from windows.